Kate's Concert in Boulder Moving...Hilarious.."Merry" Indeed!

Kate Ingmundson, MA '88
Kate Ingmundson, MA '88

Kate Ingmundson, MA, SLP '88 along with fellow musicians Annie Gifford and Duffy Keith of Sister Merry Harmony gave a unique thank you to Kate's friends at the Boulder Rock & Soul Cafe in Boulder on June 24, 2008. This was Kate's way of thanking those who supported her during her recent bout with cancer.

Ad for Sister Merry Harmony, June 24, 2008
Sister Merry Harmony's inspirational couch

CU SLP alums Janet Beatty and Susan Elling were among Kate's many friends attending the performance. The songs were written by the band members, many by Kate. They combine delightfully clever lyrics, irony, unique harmonies, and great props (including an orange couch that inspired many of their compositions). Kate also wrote and performed a special song of thanks to everyone who helped her in her recovery from cancer surgery. It was a moving, hilarious and above all entertaining evening.

Kate was recently honored with SLP alum Ann Pendley and four other women cancer survivors during a day of fun in the Fun Fund Celebration held on June 9th in Ft. Collins. It was a dynamic day of golfing, biking and evening music provided by Liz Barnez and her band. (continued)

Sister Merry Harmony is like no other musical act you have ever heard. They provided an evening of original eclectic music, written by everyone in the band. This group is known for their slightly twisted sense of humor; some of their songs are serious and heartfelt as well. They provide a musical journey ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous!

Kate wrote to us about the Fun Fund event that, in part, prompted this appreciation. "It was a joyful and positive celebration for six women who survived cancer. People who contributed enjoyed themselves in the process; some played golf, no matter what their level of ability; some rode bikes; and the rest of us (including myself) enjoyed a wonderful concert given by Liz Barnez. Basically, it was a big party. One of the most important lessons that I learned during the process of healing from cancer surgery was this: enjoy life. Don't waste time not enjoying life. If life is not fun sometimes, at the very least, participate in it fully. That is joy. Full participation."
Kate writes; "This is how I work with adversity: being in the wilderness, singing, community, and last but not at all least, my Buddhist practice. Being present to what is."

Kate also runs her own business doing contract editing work for magazines and books and provides caregiving work with elderly people in their homes.

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