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This website grew out of a project that was conceived in 1999 by the Child Learning Center faculty who were charged by the Louis and Harold Price Foundation to find a way to ensure that the best practices taught at the Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences made their way to a broader community beyond the walls of the University. At the time, the Price Foundation was providing substantial funding to the Child Learning Center at CU. Based on the premise that the graduates of SLHS are the best ambassadors of the work being done at CU, we proposed the Alumni Initiatives as a mechanism to do this outreach.

With that in mind the Price Alumni Initiatives were inspired and subsequently funded by the Price Foundation. After bringing together a small group of alums for a 'think tank' event, we began developing a variety of activities to support your work. Some of you took advantage of these activities: The Price Alumni Institute held in the summers of 2000-2006; The Price Initiatives Conference held in yearly from 2001-2006; Alums to Alums, alums with specific expertise visiting and consulting with other alums; video documentation of The Storybook Journey and INREAL; and a doctoral fellowship in early childhood at the Department of SLHS.

Current Price Alumni Advisory Committee members are Barbara Brinkman, Nikki Davis, Sheila Goetz, Beth Landry-Murphy, Sue McCord, Nancy Ohlmann, Melinda Rhea, Rebecca Rothenberg, Patti Sorkow, Beret Strong, Amy Thrasher. Many thanks to them for overseeing our projects! We will be featuring a guest interviewees, authors and alumni bios. Allow us to interview you or suggest topics or other interviewees by contacting us! We want to modify the content based on your ideas. Our goal is to stimulate discussion and sharing of resources among professionals and to provide the most comprehensive selection of topics available on the internet. Look around, begin a conversation in the Forum section, add photos, make suggestions for the site and help us grow!

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