Inspiration Series, #6: Dr. Jamie Bogle, (SLHS '08, '10) 2018 Receives Outstanding Early Career Audiologist Award

Our attention was drawn to one of our alumni this month due to a prestigious honor. We are extremely proud to congratulate Dr. Jamie Bogle, recipient of the 2018 American Academy of Audiology (AAA), Outstanding Early Career Audiologist Award. Jamie will receive her award at the AAA Annual Conference, held from April 18-21 in Nashville, TN. With this award, AAA acknowledges Jamie’s strong commitment to the profession, her patients, and scholarly activities in her career.
When asked about her reaction to the AAA honor, Jamie related the following, “ I was completely surprised to receive this honor. I knew that I had been nominated, but didn’t expect to be selected. There are so many wonderful clinicians/scientists in our fields and to be selected was quite humbling.”
Dr. Jamie Bogle began her graduate career at University of Colorado in Boulder earning her AuD in 2008 and PhD in 2010. Jamie informed us that she felt “fortunate to study with Dr. Christie Yoshinaga-Itano, initially on the effects of acquired hearing loss, such as from meningitis, and on language development. While Jamie was transitioning into my PhD work, she began working with
Dr. Steve Ackley, who was visiting on sabbatical from Gallaudet University. Jamie explained “He was key in supporting my research transition into vestibular electrophysiological testing.”After leaving Colorado, Jamie became a research fellow at Gallaudet University and held a post-doctoral position at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville in the area of vestibular research. She currently works at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. where she has provides patient care, student mentoring, and has developed the Mayo Clinic Sport Neurology and Concussion Program. It provides baseline concussion measurements and post-concussion testing in a team approach with neurology and neuropsychology.
Our fellow alumna Jamie not only holds academic ranks at Mayo Clinic but also at three other universities (University of Colorado at Boulder, Salus University, and Gallaudet University). She lectures on vestibular sciences, diagnostics, and treatment and has presented at numerous conferences and seminars including at the American Academy of Audiology, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and the American Balance Society. She has presented internationally in Russia, Canada, and France.She is a reviewer for fifteen journals and was awarded the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology Editors Award in 2015 for outstanding contributions to peer review. Dr. Bogle herself has eleven peer-reviewed articles with the majority on vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (VEMP) and concussion. She is a co-author on the book chapter, “High frequency gain dependent word recognition” in the Adult Audiology Casebook published by Thieme. Finally, she has contributed to the filing of five patents and ten invention disclosures.

When she is not busy with scholarly activities, she is also volunteering in professional organizations. She has been an active volunteer for several committees at the Academy including the Publications Committee, Political Action Committee, chair of the Quality Measures sub-committee, and most recently Public Relations and Outreach Committees. She has also been an active member and is currently serving on the board of the American Balance Society.

She told us she stays in touch will fellow alumni,  “Absolutely!, she told us, I try to stay in touch with Al, Mel, Becky, and Denise as often as I can – definitely not as often as I’d like since we’re practicing in different states. We do get the chance to meet up at conventions and they’re always quick to help out on a tough case.”

What about Jamie’s next pursuits? “So many things!, Jamie replied, “My main focus is in vestibular research, specifically related to the gravity reflex pathways. Better understanding these reflexes is important for many conditions, but especially for those with motion sensitivity and central vestibulopathies such as migraine and concussion.” 

We asked Jamie about her passions. There were many,  “I am fortunate to have a wonderful work life that gives me the ability to practice clinically, develop research lines, and educate student clinicians. Balancing work and “play” is important though, and I do have hobbies to keep me occupied when not at work. When I can, I enjoy traveling, crocheting, and playing with my puppy.” 

Browse through Jamie's photos below, a wonderful reflection of that balance.

"Annual AAS gathering with some of my favorite people:

Annette Mazevski (Sam’s baby), myself, Samantha Kleindienst, Chris Zalewski"


"CU reunion at Mel’s wedding:

Allison Cunningham Smith, Melissa Garafalo Culmer, Becky Nelson Awad, myself"


"What else should you do with a used poster?

Sumit Dhar, Niall Klyn, Samantha Kleindienst, myself, Don Nielsen"



"My better half- my pup Shena!"


"Travel is my favorite after-hours activity.  Last year, I was able to travel to Paris

to Congres IFOS and take along my other better half, Joshua Wyler"


"Research is fun? We had the privilege to work on a study evaluating motion sickness. 

We learned a lot about car maintenance... Gary Pradhan, Sarah Coppinger, myself"


Adults can go to Space Camp too!  The centrifuge and multi-axis chair were amazing. 

I’m probably not a pilot though....