INSPIRATION SERIES #1: Julie Bergquist '06, Has Found Her Calling

Julie Bergquist '08 Alum"I have found my calling." This is how Julie Bergquist feels about her current service to families as a dedicated SLP and DONA  International (Doula Organization of North America) Certified postpartum doula. Julie graduated in 2006 from SLHS with an MA. In her previous work, she primarily served voice and swallowing patients for 8 years at National Jewish Health. Prior to that, she worked in the public schools for 3 years. After experiencing a wide age-range, her passion for newborns and families emerged. 

Julie currently provides restorative postpartum care, education, referrals and support to families of newborns. She related to us that she is "...currently going into the home setting, working with families during the postpartum period, supporting infant feeding, both in lactation and alternate feeding methods including syringe, cup, and bottle feeding." 

Julie explained what truly inspires her work: "I support mamas who are struggling to feed multiples using both breast and/or bottle, mamas who are having breast health issues and/or supply issues, guide families through their babies' tethered oral tissue challenges, teach paced bottle feeding, connect these families to other local professionals including IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants), mental health providers, pediatric dentists, feeding therapists, etc. to support their feeding challenges that go beyond my expertise, and the list goes on.  

Julie's passion in her work is evident, "I am moved beyond words at the vulnerability of these families, and specifically with the mamas I work with. I have the honor of serving them during a very raw, and sacred time in their lives, often beginning the day after birth. It is such a joy to be a guide along the feeding journey, beginning at such a tender time. My greatest joy is seeing these mamas grow in their confidence and be empowered along the way." 
The black and white photo on the right is Julie with Dr. Jack Newman, MD of the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic in Ontario, Canada. 
Below, Julie is seen with her daughter Avery, "The girl who made me a mother…what a journey we have been on together! And I would do it all over again in a heartbeat." 
Thank you for the first in our INSPIRATION SERIES, Julie. We are proud to claim you as one of our alumni.