Sarah Treharne '10

Sarah Treharne graduated from SLHS with an MA-SLP in 2010. She has a second master's in journalism from Indiana University in 2005 and received her bachelor's from Virginia Tech in 2003. There was no doubt about Sarah's interests during her studies at CU, “From start to finish, I was always excited about kids of all ages. I had wonderful clinical assignments working with a variety of clients, but always had a special interest in bilingual language acquisition as well as autism spectrum disorders. I benefitted from many rich experiences to learn more about working with both populations, thanks to the mentorship of Amy Thrasher and Susan Moore."

Asked about specific memories outside of her studies Sarah noted, “There are so many! I made lifelong friends in grad school, and look back on that time so fondly. One of my favorite memories is going into a blues bar in New Orleans as a student attending ASHA and being greeted by a hoard of my classmates. We danced the night away and remembered that we were real people outside of our little building on the hill at CU!"



I'm lucky to keep in touch with several of my treasured friends from CU. Shortly after graduating from CU, my pal from SLHS, Elizabeth Zerger, introduced me to a smart, funny CU alum named Andy. Fast forward three years, and we've just celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary and moved into our first house in Wash Park. CU not only provided me with a fulfilling and challenging career, but it also brought me the love of my life! Even though Elizabeth now lives in D.C., we reunite frequently (including her cheering me on at ASHA!). CU-SLHS had a strong presence at my wedding (which was at the CU Alumni Hall) with Elizabeth as a bridesmaid, and friends Libby Pelican Seamans, Cathelyne Burgener, Jacky Cammiso, and Amy Thrasher in attendance. Amy has continued to be a wonderful mentor and friend to me, and we get together to talk "nerd talk" several times a year.”

Sarah brought us up to date on her current practice, “Right now I am most excited about how interested the general population is in learning more about ASD. Whenever I tell people that I work with children on the spectrum, people always have stories to share and lots of questions to ask! I strongly believe that in addition to the hard work we do in the therapy room, SLPs are responsible for educating the greater community about the terrific kids (and adults!) we're so fortunate to work with. In the future I hope to continue working with children with ASD and to be a resource for the Latino community in Denver. I also would like to share my experiences with using a developmental model to treat children on the spectrum. This summer I had the fantastic opportunity to speak to Amy Thrasher's ASD seminar, and I just returned from presenting at ASHA on Creating a Conversational Framework for Children with ASD. I had so much fun and can't wait to present again! I work at Rocky Mountain Autism Center, I invite anyone who's interested in ASD to take a trip down to RMAC to see how we do things. We love visitors and collaborate frequently with schools and other therapists."

Sarah manages to enjoy her time away from her work as well, "As for activity outside of work Sarah says, “Like most Coloradans, I love to get outside and enjoy our beautiful landscape. Getting out for a hike in Boulder is still one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend morning!"

Congratulations on all you've accomplished Sarah. We love the update on your life events and work!