New "Storybook Journey" Book (2011) Published by Sue McCord (+ video)

Sue McCord

Sue McCord, Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs at SLHS from 1986 to 2004 has exciting news. Her new book, The Storybook Journey: Pathways to LEARNING Through Story and Play (ISBN 978-1-45370-830-9) is now available. Four SLHS alums contributed to this new version: Amy Thrasher, Patti Sorkow, Donna Boudreau and Cynthia Gray. It was supported, in part, by a Price Initiative Grant administered by Sheila Goetz, former SLHS clinical instructor and CLC supervisor (1986-2003). This new, thoroughly updated version comes after Sue's former book, "Pathways to LITERACY through Story and Play". Sue is the former director of the laboratory preschools at Cornell University, Denver University, and the Child Learning Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has taught preschool and kindergarten as well as Early Childhood courses at all three universities, and led workshops across the country. She is a firm believer in the value of understanding and supporting children's creative play, and the rich experience of living and learning one story over an extended period of time.


Sue's book emphasizes what is real: the dynamic interaction of children, peers and adults through the use of stories. Drawing on several decades of experience as an early childhood educator and college teacher, she offers a variety of tools to help adults plan, apply and evaluate in-depth story experiences with children in the classroom or at home. She uses her book to show how to plan activities around a story so that it becomes a springboard for experiences supporting children's growth in all areas of development. She notes that her book is filled with resources and reading suggestions that invite teachers, parents and special educators to explore the story with children through miniature worlds, puppets and the child's own creations. "In practical detail, readers will find out how children can use art, science, role-play, musical instruments and the natural world to supplement what they learn from stories," Sue says, "This not only provides children with choices that match their interests and abilities, but also lays out a scaffold on which they build their own ideas and creations, resulting in high-level thinking, problem solving skills and group cooperation." The book addresses today's burning issues in early childhood education: meeting the needs of all learners, integrating the standards into the classroom experiences and authentically documenting each child's progress in all areas of development. It includes examples of "The Storybook Journey" in action from a variety of classrooms, commenting that the examples demonstrate its success and provide further practical guidelines. The Storybook Journey: Pathways to Learning through Story and Play is available for sale HERE

Many SLHS graduates are enthusiastic beneficiaries and current users of Sue's Storybook curriculum which has been shared around the world. We are proud to see this unique and rich curriculum continue to be available to teachers and children near and far! VISIT STORYBOOK JOURNEY ON FACEBOOK and tell us if you have had experience with the curriculum!

A wonderful video showing Sue's Storybook Curriculum in action is available for purchase through Landlocked Films of Boulder, Co. See the trailer HERE