Pippa May, 2000

Pippa May graduated from CU with a BA when the department was titled Communication Disorders and Speech Science (CDSS) and returned to earn a Masters in Speech Language Hearing Science in 2000. Pippa tells us “when I was in grad school I absolutely loved the field of adult communication disorders. “I LOVED Bette Hadler's classes and decided that I would focus on the adult population who had suffered strokes. Hospitals sounded the most intriguing to me. When it came time to doing my CFY I decided that perhaps it was wise to get certified in child and adult populations. Boy, am I glad I made that choice!” Pippa worked with both populations in a variety of settings, then gravitated toward young children, “Well, surprise, surprise, after working in the hospitals, in private practice with adults and children in a High School, I now work in an elementary school and LOVE IT. I really enjoy this population; they are willing learners, they are funny, and they can show progress pretty quickly.” Positive memories highlight Pippa's reflection on her peer graduates, “We had a GREAT graduate class. I made great friendships, slaved over many papers and difficult text books, but in the end it was well worth it. I am proud to be a CU grad. Professionals in the field told me they were always impressed by CU SLHS grads.”

Pippa & her son Duncan, Boulder Heights, post fire '10

Pippa has a 7 year old son and loves involving him in her time away from work, “Many of my hobbies evolve around him. We enjoy skiing, mountain life, gardening, reading, swimming in the summer and traveling. I also volunteer for the Boulder Heights Fire Protection District. I made and maintain the Special Needs list for residents in the Boulder Heights areas.” Her photo shows Pippa and her son Duncan a week after the Four Mile Canyon fire was extinguished. “This is a picture of the backside of Boulder Heights which survived the fire!” In her future work, Pippa seeks balance for herself and her clients. She wants to “make a difference in lives of children and continue loving this job 10 years from now.” Congratulations on your work as an SLP and as a valued community volunteer Pippa!