Kate Hoover '08

Kate Hoover is a recent graduate who didn’t waste any time becoming fully immersed in her career. Before coming to CU, Kate graduated with her bachelor degree in psychology from the Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. She received her Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2008.

Kate Hoover with Amanda Vargo & Olivia Kosky during grad days: "The Fabulous Pink T-shirts"

While working on her MA, Kate was most interested in adults with traumatic brain injury, strokes, and Parkinson's. Her faculty advisor was Gail Ramsberger and her clinical supervisor was Bette Hadler. She participated in internships at Boulder Community Hospital, working primarily with patients who had dysphagia. While at CU, she also worked for over a year with a client who had an apraxia disorder and happened to be a CU faculty member. Kate said he demonstrated significant progress over time and was able to move on to give successful academic presentations. Currently Kate practices in a rich variety of settings. She works at Cherry Creek Schools with elementary children, specializing in augmentative communicative devices. She was recently nominated for the 2010 Making a Difference award by her school principal which is celebrated by the Cherry Creek Schools Community. She developed an interest and expertise in augmentative communication during grad school when she participated in the Talking with Technology Camp the summer before she graduated. But that’s not all that's on her plate. Kate says, “there’s never a dull moment” and we shouldn’t wonder why. On weekends, Kate also works at Spalding Hospital, which specializes in brain injury and stroke rehabilitation, and in the summer she serves private clients with Jill Tullman and Associates LLC, a group of Speech-Language Pathologists dedicated to improving communication for individuals with complex communication needs. They provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ACC) intervention using current ACC techniques, strategies, and speech generating devices. Kate is currently certified in Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS), Lee Silvermans’ Voice Training (LVST), and other evidence-based strategies aimed to improve literacy, expressive/receptive language, and social skills. She is also certified in Language!, a research-based literacy program. She is enthusiastic about continuing education and seeks out workshops often, "sometimes every other week". With that stimulating schedule, Kate still finds time for her favorite pastime…the outdoors. She's engaged in running, hiking, camping and explores the Rocky Mountains frequently, enjoying places such as Crested Butte and Steamboat. Kate also enjoys leisure reading between her action packed work days.

Kate & '08 alums Amanda Vargo, Amy Bell & Sarah Shellquist gather during the holidays

She counts her mother as a key inspiration for entering the field. Her mother was a nurse and Kate knew early on that healthcare was going to be her chosen work environment. She noted that her fellow SLHS graduates are also “family” and she meets up with them often. Most recently they had an outing at a Karaoke bar in Denver where they celebrated a fellow alum's announcement that she was expecting a child. When asked about her future professional goals, Kate didn’t hesitate to say that she is very happy with her current work and happy to “be in the present”, perfecting her practice and learning new aspects of it every day. Congratulations Kate on your work ethic and marks of excellence along the way!