Jennifer Shroyer '97

Jennifer & son Ethan

Jennifer Shroyer is a Colorado native--born in Pueblo and raised in Florence. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from the University of Southern Colorado, she received her master’s degree as an SLP from CU in 1997. She went on to obtain her doctorate in special education from the University of Northern Colorado. She shared some of the high points of her life and work with us for her spotlight: “While at CU, I decided that I really liked research. So, I completed my doctorate at UNC in Greeley. My degree is in Special Education with a minor in statistical research. My area of specialty is literacy development and disorders. While working on my degree, I taught in the Audiology and Speech Language Science department and supervised students in the clinic at UNC and in the public schools in Greeley. I have taught masters classes in the special education department at UNC and literacy classes in the teacher prep masters program at DU.” During her graduate studies Jennifer was drawn to early childhood, literacy and learning disabilities. “I am a reader and I have always been interested in how children learn to read. Once I started working with students with language and reading disabilities, I was intrigued. I wanted to know more about the link between language and literacy. I was also interested in the role that SLPs played in literacy in the schools. For several years I sat on the Speech Language Advisory Council for the Colorado Department of Education. I helped write the eligibility guidelines for SL handicap in Colorado, the new birth to 5 guidelines, and have conducted many trainings on SLP topics and special education topics around Colorado for CDE. I was also a DIBELS trainer for Cherry Creek and worked with CDE on Reading First initiatives in Colorado. I have served on the CSHA Board of Directors 2 times. I am currently the Vice-President of Education and have the responsibility of planning the next few events for CSHA. Several years ago I moved from Denver to Lexington, Kentucky with my husband and then 6-week-old daughter, Chloe. My husband was working on his PhD at the University of Kentucky. I still worked for UNC as the SLP-Prep coordinator and instructor for several classes- but I worked from home instead of on campus. (That way I could stay home with my daughter and still have a job.). I also started teaching SLP-Prep classes at Red Rocks Community College. We moved back to Denver in Jan 2008 and are thrilled to be back in Colorado. Now I teach classes for UNC’s Special Education Dept at the Lowry campus in Denver and teach online for RRCC. Both are part time positions so I can spend the majority of my time as Mommy to Chloe (4 year old) and Ethan (15 months old).” Currently Jennifer is “fascinated by all the gains in neuroscience and genetics as they explore the causes of so many disorders. The idea that some phonological interventions have been shown through MRI to actually change how the brain functions in people with Dyslexia is amazing. I am also passionate on the subject of having qualified SLPs in rural areas. I am anxious to see how the new developments in telepractice improve access to service in remote parts of the state.” Jennifer currently teaches part time for University of Northern Colorado and Red Rocks Community College so that she can be home with her children. “When my children are older, I do plan to increase my professional time. I have worked in the schools as well as at the university level. I would love to experience being an SLP at Children's Hospital as well continue teaching at the undergrad and grad levels.” Jennifer says that during graduate study at CU, she “made some very good friends- we went to ASHA one year and just about froze in Seattle. But we had a great time.” As for reunions, she relates, “the Metro Speech Language Symposium is the best place to catch up with people. I always see people there.” Outside of work Jennifer enjoys reading, scrap booking, being a mommy, and working in the family business--a candy store. “I have two wonderful children. Chloe is 4 and enjoys preschool and talking. Ethan is 15 months and so far is more of a walker, runner, climber, jumper, and tackler than a talker. Of course his favorite word is "MaMa".” Thanks for sharing your story with us Jennifer and best wishes for your continued success!