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Alumni Brian Simms, 2000  
Brian Simms & Client

Brian, Simms, MA, CCC-SLP received his masters from SLHS in 2000. He is currently an Augmentative Communication Specialist and President of Colorado Therapy Associates in Thornton Colorado. After graduating from CU, he conducted transdisciplinary play-based assessment and intervention for young children in home and classroom settings. As a faculty instructor with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Brian conducted assistive technology evaluations and training for individuals with disabilities, their families, and professionals in home, community and school settings. Brian has presented at national conferences on a variety of assistive technology topics. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Adam's Camp, a Colorado-based organization that provides intensive, personalized and integrated therapeutic programs for children with special needs and their families. Brian’s work at Colorado Therapy Associates serves clients across the life span. Under his direction, they provide assistive technology evaluation, training, consultation and augmentative alternative communication evaluation and therapy. Brian stated that what he is most excited about in his field is the constant development of innovative technology to meet his client’s complex communication and physical needs. As a graduate student at CU, Brian’s major interests were in the areas of early childhood and autism. He communicated with us regarding his current work and his reflections on SLHS. When asked about memories he had from his time at SLHS, Brian commented on the quality of his studies and fellow students. “I remember the academics being tough and always getting good feedback and guidance from my supervisors. I’m thankful for the diverse experience I had an opportunity to pursue. Socially, I remember always having a classmate/friend to lean on, laugh with, and commiserate with everyday.” Brian and his wife Heather, who co-owns Colorado Therapy associates, have 2 children. “We feel lucky to have 2 healthy, smart, caring kids. With the clients and families I work with, not a day goes by I don’t appreciate who they are and that they are healthy and happy. One of our big accomplishments has to be the private practice we started in 2004. Starting with just me, we have expanded to 6 more part time therapists serving about 60 kids a week who might otherwise be unable to receive services. In addition, it affords us to balance work and family life. It has not always been easy, but being able to see my kids and wife as much as I’ve been able to is well worth it." Brian’s hobbies include working on home improvement. It “has always been an interest and a stress relief. Since having 2 kids, that has definitely taken back seat.”

Alum Brian Simms and client  
Brian Simms & Client

Brian summed up his priorities as an SLP. “I have a private practice specializing in augmentative and alternative communication in addition to assistive technology. I love working with children in a variety of environments (home, school, community) and teaming with parents, teachers, and other therapists on how to make children competent and functional communicators while increasing their independence.” Brian’s goals are “to continue expanding our practice by training more therapists to effectively implement the use of speech generating devices and assistive technology.” Hat’s off to Brian and his top notch services in the area of assistive/augmentative technology! You can learn more about Brian’s practice and services at His website also has a valuable webpage that lists augumentative and alternative internet resources. See