SLP Alumni... Friends for Life!

CU SLP students Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Tina (Roberts) Farrell, Laura Biegner, Julie (Cavalier) Artiglere, and Sherry (Ferguson) Baum
Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Tina (Roberts) Farrell, Laura Biegner, Julie (Cavalier) Artiglere, and Sherry (Ferguson) Baum celebrating Laura's birthday

University of Colorado SLPs Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Tina (Roberts) Farrell, Laura Biegner, Julie (Cavalier) Artiglere, Sherry (Ferguson) Baum, and Beth (Landry) Murphy have kept their alumni ties strong. Since graduating as SLPs from CU (then CDSS) in the mid-eighties, they treasure each others company amidst their busy work schedules. They gather to celebrate birthdays, meet at ASHA and document their fun with photos, some of which they have shared here.

Sherry (Ferguson) Baum writes: "We got together for our 20th at Patty Ogrodnick Walton's house with 15 of us, I think. Conferences are often a way to gather, like ASHA where we have shared laughs and sessions together. Most of use are very different in our professional paths, which is so great and fun. We all look the same when we see each other, not aging or anything. We are either blind or polite to each other. Some of the folks from classes a couple of years ahead and behind our class of '85 mix with us too.(continued)

I love the opportunity to tell people 'I graduated with Laura, Patty, Kathe, Julie, Judy, Karen, Cathy, Tina, Lori,' or I went to school with 'Julie Tulenko, Beth Landry, Judy Clarke'. I am so proud to have continued friendships or connections or both with so many women. We can call each other, refer to each other, brag on each other....whatever we feel like."

Laura Biegner also treasures her relationships with the group. "I have fond memories of bonding with the class of '85 (and the classes before and after us) during grad school, with late night study sessions and NSSLHA activities. We had a few BBQ's, better known as Smoke a Turkey, at Judy King's miracle house on 34th St., at which we held hilarious lip sync contests. Top honors went to Sandy Rezmer for "belting out" RESPECT by Aretha Franklin! That was quite a few years ago and still we have maintained many of these valued friendships. Over the past 25 years we have enjoyed a variety of activities including downhill skiing, cross country skiing, milestone birthdays, and shared family time on holidays. Even distance, as in the case of Marcie (Williams) Haber, who now lives in the east, has not come between us. What a life blessing these women have been to me!!"

ASHA 2007: Beth (Landry) Murphy, Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Laura Biegner & Sherry (Ferguson) Baum
At ASHA with Beth (Landry) Murphy on steps of Paul Revere house in Boston, 2007
ASHA 2007: Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Laura Biegner & Sherry (Ferguson) Baum
Patty, Laura & Sherry at Old North Church, Boston, 2007

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