A CLC Alum Goes to College!

Amy Thrasher, Clinical Assistant Professor at SLHA passed on the good news from former Child Learning Center  parent Linda Roan that her daughter, Miah Noel Yager, was accepted to the College of Charleston's REACH program where she'll attend next fall. Linda wrote that Miah "was actually accepted at every school she applied to!

CSHA 2010 Fall Conference Coming Fall 2010

CSHA 2010
Fall Conference

Fri-Sat, October 15-16th, 2010
Topics Include:

Current research and intervention implications across:

* Early Childhood
*Cochlear Implants in Children
*School-age Language and Literacy
*Cognitive Strategies for Adults

Featured Speakers:

Carol Pastore '74

Carol and Olivia Pastore meet with Colorado's First Lady Jeannie Ritter and Fernando Martinez, Director of San Luis Valley Mental Health

Carol Pastore '74 & her passion for Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) Carol Pastore graduated with a B.A. from CU in 1974 and continued her studies in SLP with an M.A. from Adams State College in 1976. She retired in 2003 but that depends on how you define retirement. Carol has an impressive hobby. She is co-founder, along with her daughter, Milena Pastore, of the Bridges of Health Inc.'s Challenge Colorado Therapeutic Riding Program. In the program, Carol conducts SLP therapy using Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) as her strategy with a focus is 3-5 yr olds. Carol reports that this is the age group where she has seen the most progress. She says that “Conducting speech and language therapy using EAT is very interesting. The results are pretty amazing especially with children with Autisim”. Carol plans to conduct case studies and research to support her observations. The program website describes the benefits of therapeutic riding as “a method for improving the lives of individuals with special needs. Because riding a horse gently and rhythmically moves the rider's body in a manner similar to a human gait, riders show improvement in flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. A new program, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is for individuals with mental and emotional disabilities. The unique relationship formed with the horse can lead to increased confidence, patience, and self-esteem”. (continued)

Celebration for Alums Ann Pendley & Kate Ingumundson a Success!

Fun Fund Logo

Celebration for CU Alum Ann Pendley, PhD, CCC-SLP, and Kate Ingmundson among others attended the Fun Fund benefiting breast cancer survivors. A golf scramble, bike ride and concert by Liz Barnez at Avogadro's Number in Ft. Collins made for a FUN day indeed.

The Fun Fund 2008 Celebrated Survivors including: Ann Pendley, Jan Florea, Pat Sample, Irene Stein, Jean Yule and Kate Ingmundson. (continued)

Landlocked Films, Local Production Company, Features INREAL History and Strategies

The INREAL video series

Landlocked Films of Boulder has released two films that document the University of Colorado's innovative approach to children's language development, "The Dance of Conversation: Strategies for Encouraging Children's Language Development" and "Earning the Right: the Story of INREAL". 


"The Dance of Conversation: Strategies for Encouraging Children's Language Development," is a lyrical illustration of specific conversation strategies adults can use to encourage authentic interactions with children that enhance their language and learning. A Companion User's Guide describes the philosophy behind these strategies, suggests practical exercises and activities to practice the strategies, and includes a bibliography for further reading.

"Earning the Right: the Story of INREAL" recounts how educators at CU helped spark a revolution in early childhood education focused on speech and language. CU’s “INREAL” training program was instrumental in breaking out of the confines of the behavior-modification regimens of the 1960s and into a more child-centered, observation-based, humane teaching program. This video captures the origins of INREAL through interviews with its founders, and examines how the method has matured into a multi-disciplinary approach to educating young children and training educators at CU’s Child Learning Center. See clips from the videos below.



A Conversation with Sue McCord

Sue McCord
Sue McCord, Former SLHS Faculty
The first edition of the "Storybook Journey" was published in 1995, and our dear colleague and mentor, Sue McCord, is currently in the process of revising this original edition. The new SLP alumni website seemed a perfect place to have Sue tell us more about changes that we will see in the new edition of the Storybook Journey, as well as to reflect a bit upon her professional career that led to the development of the SBJ. I caught up with Sue at her home to ask her about the SBJ, her philosophical perspective on early childhood education, and any words of wisdom she might like to share with SLP alums regarding the use of children’s literature in both classroom and therapy environments. (continued) Read more and view clips from the video about Storybook Journey.

Guest Article by Donna Boudreau, PhD '97

Donna Boudreau
Guest Author Donna Boudreau, SLHS Graduate, PhD '97

Evidence-Based Practice – The Critical Importance to Our Field

It is difficult to circulate in any speech and language environment these days -whether deciding on a conference to attend, reading a journal article, or flipping through the ASHA Leader- without coming across the initials EBP. The ubiquitous use of this term might make clinicians wary of EBP as being the “hot topic” of the moment; one that will fade over time when leaders in our field find a new area of interest. However, evidence based practice (EBP) is a not a new concept to the field of speech-language pathology – what may be less familiar to some clinicians is the use of this specific terminology associated with the practice of looking for empirical evidence to support our clinical decision making process...(continued)

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