Interview with Dr. Rachelle Sheely on RDI Program for Families dealing with Autism

RDI's newest publication, 2009
RDI's newest publication, 2009

Dr. Rachelle Sheely is passionate about examining the complete and often complicated life of children with autism. Along with her husband, Dr. Steven Gutstein, she is director, author and well-respected family interventionist for Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), an internationally recognized treatment program for autism spectrum disorders. Using RDI principles,Dr. Sheely and her husband founded the Gilbert Hall School newly opened in California this past October. They have also authored books and guides widely used by professionals in the field of autism. The latest book by Dr. Gutstein, The RDI Book: Forging New Pathways for Autism, Ausbergers & PDD. It is described as "the most comprehensive and updated guide for parents and professionals who are interested in constructing and retracing small, gradually more complex developmental steps, to provide opportunities for people with ASD to attain a quality of life as competent, independent and emotionally connected adults."

Drs. Sheely and Gutstein became interested in autism over 15 years ago. They focused on the communicative relationships of children with autism. This orientation is grounded in the belief that relationships are the “vehicles of dynamic intelligence”. While other interventionists were focusing on language and academic deficits, they wanted to sort out what made autism relationships different from those deemed normal.(continued)

SLP Alumni... Friends for Life!

CU SLP students Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Tina (Roberts) Farrell, Laura Biegner, Julie (Cavalier) Artiglere, and Sherry (Ferguson) Baum
Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Tina (Roberts) Farrell, Laura Biegner, Julie (Cavalier) Artiglere, and Sherry (Ferguson) Baum celebrating Laura's birthday

University of Colorado SLPs Patty (Ogrodnick) Walton, Tina (Roberts) Farrell, Laura Biegner, Julie (Cavalier) Artiglere, Sherry (Ferguson) Baum, and Beth (Landry) Murphy have kept their alumni ties strong. Since graduating as SLPs from CU (then CDSS) in the mid-eighties, they treasure each others company amidst their busy work schedules. They gather to celebrate birthdays, meet at ASHA and document their fun with photos, some of which they have shared here.

Sherry (Ferguson) Baum writes: "We got together for our 20th at Patty Ogrodnick Walton's house with 15 of us, I think. Conferences are often a way to gather, like ASHA where we have shared laughs and sessions together. Most of use are very different in our professional paths, which is so great and fun. We all look the same when we see each other, not aging or anything. We are either blind or polite to each other. Some of the folks from classes a couple of years ahead and behind our class of '85 mix with us too.(continued)

2008 A Good Year for SLHS!: Interview with Gail Ramsberger, Chair

Dr. Gail Ramsberger, SLHS Chair
Dr. Gail Ramsberger, SLHS Chair

By Donna Boudreau, PhD '97

The Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences experienced some exciting developments in 2008 and is looking forward to 2009! In an interview with Gail Ramsberger, Department Chair, she shared details about the current state of affairs in SLHS at CU with an eye towards what is to come.

One of the most exciting areas of change that has occurred since many alumni have completed their individual tenure at CU has been the addition of new faculty to SLHS. (continued)

Check for handouts from ASHA Convention 2008

ASHA Convention Logo
ASHA Convention Logo

ASHA convention 2008: Celebrating the Winds of Change comes to a close this weekend. If you missed it you can log in as ASHA member to "my planner" to check out the possibility of finding handouts from specific presentations (if the presenter uploaded them.) Go to:

Updated CU Alumni Benefits Include E-mail for Life

General Alumni Photos
Join the CU Alumni Association

For all May 2008 and beyond graduates (see news for those who graduated earlier below):
From the CU Alumni Association Website
E-mail for Life lets you continue using your addresses or forward them to a personal address, so you can keep in touch with your classmates, potential employers and friends without having to give them a new address. Registration [for May, 2008 grads and beyond] is no longer required.(continued)

Kate's Concert in Boulder Moving...Hilarious.."Merry" Indeed!

Kate Ingmundson, MA '88
Kate Ingmundson, MA '88

Kate Ingmundson, MA, SLP '88 along with fellow musicians Annie Gifford and Duffy Keith of Sister Merry Harmony gave a unique thank you to Kate's friends at the Boulder Rock & Soul Cafe in Boulder on June 24, 2008. This was Kate's way of thanking those who supported her during her recent bout with cancer.

Ad for Sister Merry Harmony, June 24, 2008
Sister Merry Harmony's inspirational couch

CU SLP alums Janet Beatty and Susan Elling were among Kate's many friends attending the performance. The songs were written by the band members, many by Kate. They combine delightfully clever lyrics, irony, unique harmonies, and great props (including an orange couch that inspired many of their compositions). Kate also wrote and performed a special song of thanks to everyone who helped her in her recovery from cancer surgery. It was a moving, hilarious and above all entertaining evening.

Kate was recently honored with SLP alum Ann Pendley and four other women cancer survivors during a day of fun in the Fun Fund Celebration held on June 9th in Ft. Collins. It was a dynamic day of golfing, biking and evening music provided by Liz Barnez and her band. (continued)

Former CLC Student and Family from South Korea Revisit CU

So Jung Han & James
So Jung Han & James

So Jung Han attended the CLC for three years, from the fall of '96 when she had just turned three to the spring of '99, while her father was completing his Ph.D. at CU Boulder. So Jung Han and her family are from South Korea. Barb Roscoe, who supplied this story, reports that during the time So Jung was in the CLC, the family made close ties to CLC staff and continued to correspond after they returned to South Korea. In March, her father contacted Barb to see if they could visit the CLC and former teachers while on a trip to Boulder. This was the second reunion with the Han family since their return to South Korea. (continued)

"Private Practice: The Adventure of a Lifetime" by Nancy Ohlmann, MS, '88

Alum Nancy Ohlmann
Nancy Ohlmann,'88

Author Bio
Nancy Ohlmann has been a speech pathologist since 1988, serving infants and children providing innovative therapy techniques, and helping to educate other therapists and professionals through specialized courses. Nancy has Level 1 DIR Training in Floortime, a method of treatment developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. She has also been Hanen™ trained through the course, "It Takes Two To Talk". These additional methods provide mentoring from experienced therapists, collaboration with colleagues in other disciplines, and give a whole child focus as the framework for communication treatment. Nancy has extensive experience in feeding, oral motor, and neuro-developmental processes. She utilizes motor and sensory techniques to positively influence and support language, speech, feeding, emotional, and social communication skills. Nancy received her undergraduate degree from Ball State University in 1982; Special Education/Hearing Impaired and is a 1988 graduate of the University of Colorado, Communication Disorders program. Go to "Read More" below to see her article about the creation and maintenance of her successful private practice as inspired by her father.


Hello, We are contacting you in order to gather your input as a community provider for culturally and linguistically diverse children with communication challenges and their families in the greater Boulder County area.  We are in the process of developing a proposal for a community outreach grant from the University of Colorado at Boulder. We seek to support speech-language pathologists, families, community liaisons and other providers by developing evidence-based, culturally responsive multi-media materials.  Your input regarding community needs for sharing information regarding speech and language development and concerns, including social communication challenges in early childhood, will be greatly appreciated. The following survey is intended to take four minutes or less of your time. CLICK HERE TO GO TO SURVEY.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


Molly Filippini MA, CCC-SLP
Pui Fong Kan Ph.D., CCC-SLP*
Amy Thrasher MA, CCC-SLP*
*Principal investigators, the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
University of Colorado Boulder

A Love Story...Alumni Janet and Ben Gleason

What a perfect Spring story for the second one our Inspiration Series! This is a story of two alumni who met and fell in love in our favorite building on our favorite hill overlooking the beautiful CU campus, straight from one-half of the blessed union, fellow alum Janet Gleason, '97.   

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