Anybody Tried LinguiSystems' Free Online CEUs?

Founded in 1977, LinguiSystems was the first company to be founded and operated by speech-language pathologists. According to their website, they "vowed to always have the products you need and the tests you want, to guarantee them forever, and to give you the service you deserve".

Ever since, their "mission has been to provide innovative, effective, affordable, and therapeutically-sound materials for speech-language pathologists", including:

* authors who are experts in their field
* speech pathology editorial staff
* design experts who understand the needs of the youngest and oldest client
* field-tested and research-based content

In addition to a variety of products that help educate professionals and prepare them for exams, they offer
FREE Online Continuing Education courses. Course topics include attention disorders, evidence-based practice, intervention strategies for ELL, and courses on a variety of disorders. They also have free material samples and demos for downloading. Have you taken advantage of their free CEU's? If so, sign in and tell us about it at the bottom of this blog.

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